Reclaim Wood

There are times when even I have to remind myself that not everything in decorating -- or in life -- has to be polished and perfect. While the style you're going for may reflect a very clean and modern, or…

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Chalk It Up

There's a reason why chalkboard paint is everywhere right now -- it's amazing! We use chalkboard paint in our designs mainly for kids areas, bedrooms, and lofts, but there are so many uses for it that go beyond the elementary.…

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Monogram Mania

What can I say, I can't get enough of monograms. Not only are they a great way to put your personal stamp on just about anything, there's something about a monogram that just oozes sophistication. However, sophistication is not to…

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The Fifth Wall

We often use the phrase "four walls" but I'm here to tell you there are five walls in every room -- don't forget the ceiling! There are a number of ways you can spruce up the space above, from trim…

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