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Monogram Mania

What can I say, I can’t get enough of monograms.

Not only are they a great way to put your personal stamp on just about anything, there’s something about a monogram that just oozes sophistication.
However, sophistication is not to be confused with traditional. There are a wide variety of fonts that can change a monogram design from very classic to very modern.
First things first — I thought I’d share this fun etiquette lesson!
There’s no denying that monogram is everywhere right now.
From the bathroom…..
Monogram soap from Williams Sonoma
To the bedroom.
Around your neck…
And on your desk.
Monogrammed stationery is always a chic way to handle your correspondence.
Have it with your morning up of coffee…
Image via Anthropologie
And before you go to bed at night.
It’s a 24/7 monogram world!

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