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Boredom in the bedroom? Never.

Boredom in the bedroom? Not with these headboards!
A lot of people think of headboards for traditional spaces but there are plenty of ways you can fit one into a bedroom of any design and it’s something I always encourage clients to consider.
It’s obviously a way you can add texture or color to a room but headboards can be more than that. There’s something about them that just makes a room feel refined — more complete.
Take a look at some of the images below and I think you’ll see what I mean.
One approach you can take, which I love for a children’s or teen’s room, is to use a fun, colorful cut out-to really make a statement.
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On a budget? There are plenty of inexpensive options for headboards but you can also make a headboard by simply using paint!
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Headboards don’t have to be padded and tufted — consider using an antique or a unique find to create a headboard instead.
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If you’re looking to make a big statement — think tall! A tall upholstered headboard that is oversized and bold in color contrast can make a bed room feel grand.
Two can be better than one! Twin beds in a guest bedroom or kids’ room is the perfect opportunity to go double-time. Using trim or appliqué can be a fun way to add a symmetric statement. 
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