CC Travel: Blackberry Farms

Last year, our family took a trip to Blackerry Farm in Tennessee and I have to say, this spring weather (at least the nice days) have me dying to go back.  It's an intimate environment where even when there are…

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For the love of wallpaper

When I was 8 years old, my parents build my childhood home that I lived in until I left for college.  My Mother personally hung 126 rolls of wallpaper herself and I watched her in amazement.    I vividly remember…

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Boring Beige? Not Always

Image via Elle Decor One of the biggest mistakes people make in home decor is fearing beige. Yes, beige can be boring. But not always. Beige can also be very chic, depending on how you use it. By working with…

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Haute Tubs: Everything Old is New Again

Freestanding bath tubs are no longer a thing of the past, in fact, they are the hottest thing in bathrooms now. The bath tub is has become the focal point in the room! If you're in the market for a…

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The stairway to opportunity

One of the most overlooked areas when it comes to interior design is the stairway. A stairway isn't just a method of getting from one level to another, it's an opportunity to make a major statement or simply add a…

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Light Up Your Life

One of our clients recently sent us this image and we loved it so much we just had to share! Our client's daughter, Kylie Mink, created the image for a photography class in school using photos from all of the…

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