On a trim

Have you ever noticed how sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference? Take trim, for example. Simply adding it to pillows, window treatments, and bedding can make a huge impact -- but we're not talking your average…

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Hit the Floor

A lot of people are afraid of rugs with any sort of design but I'm here to tell you that a patterned rug can make a huge statement in any room. Maybe you're ready for a new look, or just…

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Mirror, Mirror

Metallics in all forms are huge this year and what's more reflective than an actual mirror? While a traditional mirror can make a major difference in any room, there are plenty of ways to re-think this look. The mirrored furniture…

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Boxed In

We use boxes a lot in our designs at Courtney Casteel Home. They're a great way to fill in space and also provide a function as well!  You can use them on your coffee table to hide remotes, your nightstand…

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