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Trend Spotlight: Starburst Mirror

There’s no doubt that starburst mirrors are having a moment but they been a staple at Courtney Casteel for years. I love the bit of “wow” that a starburst mirror can bring to a room, even in the most subtle of spaces.

It’s unclear where the starburst mirror originated but it reached its height of popularity in the Hollywood-glam era of the 1940s.

I think the reason for their popularity, is that a starburst mirror isn’t just a mirror — it doubles as a piece of art too.

Considering going for this glam look? We offer a few options in our online store.

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Polished nickel Astro Convex Iron Mirror


Available in nickel and gold

Or for a small space, the mini!


Available in nickel and gold

What do you think? Is this retro glam look a must-have for you too?

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