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For the love of wallpaper

When I was 8 years old, my parents build my childhood home that I lived in until I left for college.  My Mother personally hung 126 rolls of wallpaper herself and I watched her in amazement.    I vividly remember going to the shell of a house, as it was being constructed, and the smell of sawdust and drywall…and I will never forget the smell of wallpaper paste….lots of it.  She had long wooden slats sitting on sawhorses and a pop up banquet table she used as her work space.  She would roll out the paper in long pieces and put pieces together like a puzzle and the walls came to life.  Color, texture, depth, and movement….all at the same time…Wallpaper!  I loved wallpaper then and I love it now.

Say “Yes” to Wallpaper on:
1.  Walls behind bookcases
2.  Accent Fireplace Walls in large spaces (i.e. great room, Library, master bedroom wall)
3.  Don’t be afraid to do a whole room in a texture paper to give depth and interest
4.  Use wallpaper in an unexpected space for whimsy and conversation (laundry/mud room)
5.  Powder baths…the perfect little space for wallpaper amazement.
6.  Ceiling’s can be perfect for wallpaper….a little surprise detailing.
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7. On the stairwell…draws the eye.
Wallpaper is back and better than ever…or has it ever really been “out”?  Again it is all in how you use it and picking the right paper for the right space is key.
There is a time and a place for wallpaper, of course, like anything…but you have to admit it gives life and personality to a space.  Do not be afraid.  Start slow… but as Dr. Seuss would say…”Oh the places you’ll go!” Enjoy!

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