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The Fifth Wall

We often use the phrase “four walls” but I’m here to tell you there are five walls in every room — don’t forget the ceiling!

There are a number of ways you can spruce up the space above, from trim work to paint to wall paper and beams. Make sure to finish things off with a complimentary and eye-catching lighting.

Consider adding trim work to the ceiling to create some drama.  You can create any pattern you want, so get creative.  I’d start  by sketching out some designs on paper then see what your options are from there.

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Different angles and texture are great ways to add a little something extra, but using white lacquer paint can also be a fun way to make an impact.
Depending on your room design, rustic beams can be great addition!
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If heavy rustic isn’t quite your thing, a coat of white paint can do wonders.

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Or get crafty with it and add wallpaper for a majorly chic impact.
And of course, you can always paint the ceiling a contrast color can for the pop you need in a room that would too boring without it!
When it comes to ceilings the sky’s the limit — okay, actually the ceiling is the limit but you know what I mean.
So what do you think? Is finishing the fifth wall worth it?
I’d say so.

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