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Four New Uses for Old Books

When it comes to old books, I have one rule: NEVER throw them away!

Just because you’re done reading, or didn’t like it, you can still use old books to decorate in so many ways from filling space in built-ins, to bookshelves, coffee tables, and nightstands.

Here are a few “tricks of the trade” to get you started:
1. Remove the cover from a hardbound book and you will often find a beautiful pop of color with metallic writing on the spine.  Coordinate the books on the shelves by color.
2.  If you don’t like what you see under the cover, simple use wallpaper, scrapbook paper, or anything heavier in weight to wrap the book in!  Stick to all the same color palette for a understated, but dramatic, affect.  We often use white textured wallpaper from Lowes to wrap our client’s books in!

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3.  Not everyone has a library of books of lying around, so if you are in need of books to fill in a lot of space, go to your local book stores. We often go to Half Price Books, where you can buy 3 yards of books for $20!  Or look for sale books at Barnes and Noble.

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4.  For coffee table books, keep a common theme going in the books.  For instance, if you like to travel, pile up a stack of travel books on your table!

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