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Reclaim Wood

There are times when even I have to remind myself that not everything in decorating — or in life — has to be polished and perfect. While the style you’re going for may reflect a very clean and modern, or classic and elegant look, a natural or more rustic element can be a great addition to give a space a more eclectic or organic feel.

Right now, I can’t get enough of reclaimed wood. There’s just something about knowing the wood has been weathered by the elements, or had its own history that draws me to incorporate it — even just a small suggestion — in any room I can.

Here are the items I’m loving right now.

1. Arteriors Wood Floor Lamp, Courtney Casteel Home, $762.50
2. Arteriors Wood Sunburst Mirror, Courtney Casteel Home, $287.50
3. CFC Reclaimed Lumber Cross-Base Dining Table, Courtney Casteel Home, $3,542
4. Planters, Restoration Hardware, $495-$695
5. CFC Sophia Chair with Reclaimed Lumber Frame, Courtney Casteel Home, $3622.50
6. Regina Andrews Wall Sconce, Courtney Casteel Home, $620
7. Noir Side Table, Courtney Casteel Home, $1,822.50

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