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Chalk It Up

There’s a reason why chalkboard paint is everywhere right now — it’s amazing!

We use chalkboard paint in our designs mainly for kids areas, bedrooms, and lofts, but there are so many uses for it that go beyond the elementary.

This headboard is genius. I love the quirk, maybe for a sassy teen girl’s room?

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And it’s great in the kitchen! Not just for grocery lists on pantry doors though. How great is this party tray? If you don’t have an old tray buried in the back of your cabinets, pick one up for next to nothing at Goodwill or the thrift store, paint, and voila!
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Or turn an old coffee table into the perfect family game table or kids table!
Don’t forget about your outdoor space — although these would look great on a sunny kitchen window sill too.
You can even use it for entertaining. A quick coat to the bottom of a wine glass makes it easy for guests to identify their drinks.
It’s also a really fun way to do a place setting. Make it formal or informal and fun for kids on special occasions.

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