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The Finish Line

When it comes to designing (or redesigning) a bathroom, one of the number one dilemmas seems to be, what finish to choose?

For me, this usually comes down to two choices: chrome vs. polished nickel.
Chrome has a cooler tone and can be more reflective and mirror-like in appearance.  Also, chrome tends to be less expensive than other options.  On the downside, chrome tends to be more maintenance due to the spotting. Those of you who have young kids that spit toothpaste everywhere may want to take this into consideration! I’m loving the memoirs line that gives a nod to the sophisticated design of the 1920s and 30s. I never thought it was possible to love a faucet this much.
Polished nickel has a warmer, yellowish tone.  Although more expensive in many cases, it has a time-less appearance and tends to show less finger prints and water spots than its counterpart.  That means you can get away with a little less scrubbing! Keep in mind though that it can tarnish over time.
This particular design has the most ideal blend of classic and modern, so should you decide to change the look of the bathroom down the road the faucet will still fit right in.

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