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For the Love of Shoes

We know better than to assume that just because you wear them around on your feet all day, shoes don’t deserve to have a beautiful home. But you don’t have to have a huge walk in closet (although that always helps) to store them in, you can still get the feel of “awe” by beautiful organizations and display — whether your goal is to show them off or just get them off of the closet floor!

I find that it helps to think of your shoes (and most accessories for that matter) as a work of art. Treat them with the same care and respect that you would an heirloom vase. Not only will your shoe collection look more organized, it will extend the life of it too.

And if you’re like me, the money you’ve spent on shoes by now?

Well, let’s just say we should keep ’em around as long as we can.


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You can also take a thrifty route and repurpose an old cabinet you already have.

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Consider integrating your shoes into a display. You love them, why not show them off?
There are so many chic options for storage today, you don’t have to settle on plastic boxes, or worse, a pile on your closet floor.
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For uber-organization, put them in covered boxes with a picture on the outside so you know what each box is. So smart.
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And don’t forget about the wall. You can use decorative crown molding to hang your shoes but beware, while this certainly looks great, it may not be the most practical use in your space.

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